Rod Henson


Rod Henson - Owner/Stylist

  If the walls are rocking then Rod is in the HOUSE! Energy seems to naturally flow from Rod. Rod's fun yet take-charge attitude is a confidence in his ability to create the perfect style to suite his clients and comes from literally a lifetime of experience. 


At ten years of age Rod rolled his first perm. Rod found out that although the perm technique is one he easily mastered was not one to be worn by this twelve year old and said goodbye to this style of coiffure and stuck to giving them. Word got around in his home town and Rod continued to grow his sense for dramatic style by creating the looks for all his friends attending the Rave dances.

Rod is always looking trendy and fashionable from head to toe and believes his clients should walk away from his chair feeling confident in the way they look and feel. Music inspires Rod in every aspect of his life from performing with his current band, Blackberry Wednesday, to creating his clients perfect cut or color. Additional influences come from early American film and the classic Hippie beauty.Rod's edgy artistic lifestyle comes through in his creative hairstyles.

Rod is a graduate of Plaza Beauty School and apprenticed under Terry Lesley while building his career over a seven year span. He moved to East Memphis and opened a salon in the Racquet Club and is one of the founders of Pageboy Salon that opened in 2008.